DATE: March 16, 2016 AOPV: 2016-015490 SELLER:  CG-5 LOAN, LLC / Rader Family Trust by Katalin Rader and Garry Samuels (Pleasanton, CA) BUYER:   KEELING FAMILY PARTNERSHIP (Casa Grande, AZ) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  511-24-003 ADDRESS:  S/E/C Selma Hwy & Chui Chu Rd SIZE:  160ac MOL PRICE:  $1,440,000 cash COMMENTS:  Wow – nice piece but pretty spendy.   […]

More Eloy Farm Sales – for Coffee??!!

DATE:  January 21, 2016 AOPV:  (A)  2016-003917 (B) 2016-003920 SELLER:  (A) John Donley (Casa Grande, AZ)  (B)  BELLOCS INC (Eloy, AZ) BUYER:   VULCAN COFFEE ROASTERS LLC (Prescott, AZ) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  (A)  411-31-002-F  (B) 411-31-002-G ADDRESS:  SEC Nutt Rd and Sunshine Blvd SIZE:  (A)  47.3  (B)  82ac (County Assessor) PRICE:  (A)  $47,316 ($1,000/ac, cash)  (B)  $533,000  ($6,500/ac, cash) COMMENTS:  Both […]

New Church Site in Casa Grande

DATE:  January 8, 2016 AOPV:  2016-001206 SELLER:  ELAINE FARMS LLC et al (Carl Clapp, Casa Grande AZ) BUYER:   TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH OF CASA GRANDE BROKERS:  unknown APN:  a portion of 505-07-050-A ADDRESS:  N side Kortsen Rd between Trekell and Peart ZONING: n/a SIZE:  10ac MOL PRICE:  $500,000 ($50,000/ac approx) cash from new financing COMMENTS:  One […]

80ac Farm Sale in “Hot” Casa Grande Industrial Area

DATE:  December 4, 2015 AOPV:  2015-077949 SELLER: THORNTON AND CORNMAN ROAD PARTNERSHIP (Dr Richard Silver et al, Tucson AZ) BUYER: Charles G “Nap” Lawrence et ux (Casa Grande CA) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  511-02-013-A ADDRESS:  NWC Thornton & Cornman Rds ZONING:  ag SIZE:  80ac MOL PRICE:  $750,000 cash ($9,375/ac) COMMENTS:  Local farmer/investor/syndicator Nap Lawrence bought this nice farm in the path of industrial […]

Apple Computer – yes, that Apple! – buys land east of Florence

DATE:  December 3, 2015 AOPV:  2015-077656 SELLER: SOLAR STAR ARIZONA VII LLC (ATTN: Drew Gibbons, Richmond CA) BUYER:  APPLE INC (ATTN: Sunil Bajej, Senior Counsel, Cupertino CA) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  201-26-001-C, -001-D ADDRESS:  n/a ZONING:  ag SIZE:  281.75ac (per legal description on deed) PRICE:  $2,860,000 cash ($10,150/ac) COMMENTS:  OK, here’s a poser:  SOLAR STAR ARIZONA VII purchases a a larger […]

Another $2.3M to Conley

DATE:  October 14, 2014 AOPV:  2014-059191 SELLER: GEORGETOWN HOLDINGS LLC, Tempe AZ (Conley Wolfswinkel) BUYER:  HAYDEN CROSSING CHOPPING CENTER LLC, Paradise Valley, AZ (Jay & Karen Evans) BROKERS:  none APN:  503-01-042-A, -042-E; 503-01-041-B, 500-11-007 ADDRESS: n/a SIZE:  628.77ac PRICE:  $8,505,000 cash ($13,526/ac) COMMENTS:  Conley paid $6,200,000 for this farm earlier in the day (2014-059190) and […]

309ac Stanfield

DATE:  October 9, 2014 AOPV:  2014-058321 SELLER:  LLF STANMAR ESTATES LLC, Gilbert AZ (Langley Properties, Stacey Brimhall) BUYER:  BENROSS CORP, Ben-Horin Family Trust, Phoenix AZ BROKERS:  LAND ADVISORS (Seller), CITY TO CITY (Buyer) APN:  503-10-002-A, -001 ADDRESS: n/a SIZE:  240ac (farm), 68.65ac (raw land) PRICE:  $2,409,840 cash (AOPV says “barter or trade” but cash sale […]

Another Conley Farm Deal

DATE:  September 19, 2014 AOPV:  2014-054059 SELLER:  TRES POINTS LLC, Tempe AZ  (Wolfswinkel et al) BUYER:  HAYDEN CROSSING SHOPPING CENTER LLC, Paradise Valley AZ (Jay & Karen Evans, unknown to CB ROX) BROKER:  unknown APN:  503-21-001, -002B, -002D, -002F and 503-22-005 ADDRESS: SWC Hwy 84 & Murphy Rd SIZE:  495.72ac (Pinal County Assessor records) PRICE:  […]

$21k/ac for CG Farmland

DATE: August 28, 2014 AOPV:  2014-049775 SELLER: CAL HACIENDA LLC, Newport Beach CA (unknown to CB ROX) BUYER:  LONESOME VALLEY FARMS LP (very wealthy local Roberts farming family) BROKER:  Ryan Duncan, NATHAN & ASSOCIATES represented Seller;  Buyer representation unknown APN:  401-17-008-K ADDRESS:  SEC Hacienda & Doan St (alignment) SIZE:  19.12 ac PRICE:  $400,000 cash ($20,921ac) […]

$28k for SE Valley Farmland

DATE: August 27, 2014 AOPV:  2014-049623 SELLER: RP ASPEN FARMS LLC, Scottsdale AZ (affiliate of Sunbelt Holdings) BUYER:  multiple entities, all affiliates of LeSueur Investments BROKER:  unknown APN:  200-63-020, -018 ADDRESS: 13365 E Arizona Farms Rd SIZE:  366ac PRICE:  $10,362,435 cash ($28,312/ac) COMMENTS:  We’re speechless … $28k/ac for farmland;  someone (LeSueur) must believe things are […]