AZ SKYDIVING sells Eloy 40ac

DATE: March 29, 2016 AOPV: 2016-018606 SELLER: ARIZONA SKYDIVING HOLDINGS, LLC (Lawrence and Liliane Hill, Eloy, AZ) BUYER:  Dennis Wagar (Marion, MT) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  500-40-002 ADDRESS:  W of Sunland Gin Rd, S of Harmon Rd SIZE:  40ac MOL PRICE:  $160,000 cash COMMENTS:  Motivation for this deal is unknown, but price is kinda (spectacularly) high;  might have […]

Big Little Land Deal

Is a $20,000 dirt deal worthy of making headlines?  This piece, in this market is, yes.  A mere 2ac parcel in a god-forsaken part of the world just sold for $20,000 – or $10,000/ac.  YES – it was a seller carry, and YES it had power and probably water, and YES it is a corner. […]

“Big George” Buys More Land

“Big George” (Johnson) is on the acquisition trail again, this time with what appears to be 178ac of ou-of-production farmland just east of Florence on Diversion Dam Rd.  This land is sorta near the recent Apple land buy and in the area that is perennially proposed for new prisons, but we don’t have a clue […]

Another True “Spec” Piece in Eloy

Remember when junky (no water, no power, no cactus, no access) little (40ac) pieces of desert used to sell for $1,000/ac at the bottom of every cycle?  And then rise to $2,000, $5,000 and even $7,500 at or near the top?  Well, the last top for parcels like this got into the teens, twenties and […]

A True, Large Investment Parcel Sells?! OMG

    DATE: February 1, 2016 AOPV: 2016-008406, -008407, -008409 SELLER:  CANACORN LLC (Hamel et al Phoenix, AZ) BUYER:   John & Melinda Donley (Casa Grande, AZ;  Donald K Donley TTEE (Eloy, AZ); BROKERS:  City to City APN:  511-44-095, -096 ADDRESS:  SEC & SWC Lamb & Phillips Rds, Eloy AZ SIZE:  640ac mol PRICE:  $1,081,653 ($1,690/ac) cash (total) COMMENTS:  Finally, […]

Casa Grande Industrial Rezonings

        CASA GRANDE — The City Council has approved rezoning three parcels of land on the west side of town to invite new industrial development.  A total of 405 acres located west of Thornton Road will be reclassified as either General Industrial or Community Services zones. Two of the land parcels were […]

More Eloy Farm Sales – for Coffee??!!

DATE:  January 21, 2016 AOPV:  (A)  2016-003917 (B) 2016-003920 SELLER:  (A) John Donley (Casa Grande, AZ)  (B)  BELLOCS INC (Eloy, AZ) BUYER:   VULCAN COFFEE ROASTERS LLC (Prescott, AZ) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  (A)  411-31-002-F  (B) 411-31-002-G ADDRESS:  SEC Nutt Rd and Sunshine Blvd SIZE:  (A)  47.3  (B)  82ac (County Assessor) PRICE:  (A)  $47,316 ($1,000/ac, cash)  (B)  $533,000  ($6,500/ac, cash) COMMENTS:  Both […]

Casa Grande RV Park Owners Buy More Land For Expansion

DATE:  January 13, 2016 AOPV:  2016-002272 SELLER:  CG PROPERTY PARTNERS LLC (Chah Lvg Tr, Tucson AZ)) BUYER:   BC RANCH RESORT LLC (McGavin et al, Casa Grande AZ) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  503-34-009-B ADDRESS:  1837 N Thornton Rd, Casa Grande AZ SIZE:  18.66ac MOL (Assessor’s records) PRICE:  $466,500 ($25,000/ac);  $100,000 down payment, Seller carryback COMMENTS:  The extended McGavin family […]

123ac in Waaaaay South Eloy Equestrian Area

DATE:  December 21, 2015 AOPV:  2015-081153 SELLER:  BEOR FUND 1 LLC (MARDA LLC, Joseph Williams, Salt Lake City, UT) BUYER:   Narla Silva (Mesa, AZ) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  411-32-035, -036, -037 ADDRESS:  N of Greene Reservoir Rd at Hwy 87 alignment ZONING:  unknown – County zoning map is nearly impossible to use SIZE:  123ac MOL (Assessor’s […]