DATE: February 23 and March 24, 2017 AOPV: 2017-012302, 2017-012303 2017-020827 SELLER: Various BUYER:  JONES BROTHERS INVESTMENTS LLC (Thomas Jones, Ronald Jones, Buckeye, AZ) BROKERS:  CITY TO CITY (Ken Reycraft) APN:  504-41- (multiple), 501-42- (multiple), 504-09-024-K ADDRESS:  NEC Pinal Ave/Silver Reef Rd, Casa Grande SIZE:  approx. 6.29ac (Pinal County Assessor;  including abandoned rights-of-way) PRICE:  $200,000 + $200,000 […]


DATE: February 23, 2017 AOPV: 2017-012302, 2017-012303 SELLER: MCCARTNEY ESTATES LLC BUYER:  AROYO ARIZONA, LLC (Phoenix, AZ) and ARROYO VERDE 35 LLC (Kevin Petersen et al, Gilbert, AZ) BROKERS:  unknown APN:  401-04- (multiple) ADDRESS:  SEC McCartnery/Weaver Rds, Casa Grande SIZE:  53 + 6 = 59 1ac+ lots (Pinal County Assessor) PRICE:  $1,530,640 ($28,880/lot) and $173,280 ($28,880/lot) cash […]

“Big George” Buys More Land

“Big George” (Johnson) is on the acquisition trail again, this time with what appears to be 178ac of ou-of-production farmland just east of Florence on Diversion Dam Rd.  This land is sorta near the recent Apple land buy and in the area that is perennially proposed for new prisons, but we don’t have a clue […]

Another True “Spec” Piece in Eloy

Remember when junky (no water, no power, no cactus, no access) little (40ac) pieces of desert used to sell for $1,000/ac at the bottom of every cycle?  And then rise to $2,000, $5,000 and even $7,500 at or near the top?  Well, the last top for parcels like this got into the teens, twenties and […]

A True, Large Investment Parcel Sells?! OMG

    DATE: February 1, 2016 AOPV: 2016-008406, -008407, -008409 SELLER:  CANACORN LLC (Hamel et al Phoenix, AZ) BUYER:   John & Melinda Donley (Casa Grande, AZ;  Donald K Donley TTEE (Eloy, AZ); BROKERS:  City to City APN:  511-44-095, -096 ADDRESS:  SEC & SWC Lamb & Phillips Rds, Eloy AZ SIZE:  640ac mol PRICE:  $1,081,653 ($1,690/ac) cash (total) COMMENTS:  Finally, […]

Casa Grande Industrial Rezonings

        CASA GRANDE — The City Council has approved rezoning three parcels of land on the west side of town to invite new industrial development.  A total of 405 acres located west of Thornton Road will be reclassified as either General Industrial or Community Services zones. Two of the land parcels were […]

New Church Site in Casa Grande

DATE:  January 8, 2016 AOPV:  2016-001206 SELLER:  ELAINE FARMS LLC et al (Carl Clapp, Casa Grande AZ) BUYER:   TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH OF CASA GRANDE BROKERS:  unknown APN:  a portion of 505-07-050-A ADDRESS:  N side Kortsen Rd between Trekell and Peart ZONING: n/a SIZE:  10ac MOL PRICE:  $500,000 ($50,000/ac approx) cash from new financing COMMENTS:  One […]

Weirdness happens …

    DATE:  October 21, 2015 AOPV:  2015-067983 SELLER: Western Bank (Lordsburg NM) BUYER:  Greg Serrano (Casa Grande AZ) BROKERS:  ROI PROPERTIES (Phx) ELITE REALTY PROS (Casa Grande) APN:  504-08-028-P ADDRESS: Pinal Ave south of Rodeo, Casa Grande AZ 85122 SIZE:  1.18ac (Assessor’s records) PRICE:  $75,000 cash COMMENTS:  A queer little piece on a state […]

'Splain this 6.44ac to me?

DATE:  September 19, 2014 AOPV:  2014-054049 SELLER:  CASA GRANDE/I-10 LAND PARTNERS JV II LP, Phoenix AZ  (Chris Cacheris et al) BUYER:  KLONDIKE LAND PORTFOLIO LLC, Scottsdale AZ (Jon Young, Elliott Pollack) BROKER:  unknown APN:  505-26-007 ADDRESS: n/a SIZE:  6.44ac PRICE:  $45,000 cash (about $6,988/ac) COMMENTS:  Strange little landlocked piece, part of Cacheris’ original Mercado project;  […]