Why CB ROX Team?

Because ALL real estate is LOCAL!

Gold may be fungible, but real estate is not. Most things, even – especially – real estate, have peculiar features that depend upon context and therefore are about LOCAL.

With the advanced marketing tools of today (internet: email, video) any firm can be at the forefront of marketing technology, but only LOCAL firms have the on-the-ground LOCAL expertise needed to fully assess any given property, its characteristics and potential in the LOCAL real estate arena.

It is important to have LOCAL representation; that’s why you should hire the experienced specialists at ROCK TEAM for your buying, selling or leasing needs – land or improved property.

Our brokers have over 120 years of LOCAL real estate experience guiding their clients through the complexities of today’s real estate matrix.

Plus, our parent company (ROX Group) publishes a range of dominant LOCAL print publications which make ROX companies the go-to source for representation in real estate, insurance and travel.

More Reasons:

  • Comprehensive company website, Costar, LoopNet Premium, in-house research, custom comp maps, email newsletters/blogs, social media
  • LOCAL area MLS
  • State-of-the-art LOCAL facilities
  • A division of the largest, most prestigious LOCAL residential brokerage in the area
  • ROX Group of Companies’ dominant LOCAL media reach
  • LOCAL insider access

When it comes to real property of any kind, it’s hard to deny that expertise is LOCAL. We at CB ROX TEAM are the largest group of brokers in Casa Grande, the capital of the area we like to call “Arizona’s Golden Corridor.” As I write this, in October 2014, the real estate market is coming back, and we stand ready to help you participate. And check out our awesome Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine too!

– Rock Earle
Designated Broker and Principal
520.421.9000 or rock@cbrox.com